Thursday, June 16, 2011

OSRIC Suprises

Reading over my OSRIC tome in prep for a T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil campaign this Sunday I came across some surprising, to me, rules.  Assuming I'm not reading them wrong.

[btw excellent thematic (list of spells, list of monsters, etc) TOC.  Even though I found few things still vague I still give mad props to the OSRIC crew.  This book is bad ass.]

Dex does not modify initiative, except with missiles, but it does reduce surprise.  Grrrrr, beginning to remember why I like simple Labyrinth Lord.  I'm gonna try the whole segment initiative system as written.  If it bogs down combat it'll have to go.  Expected individual initiative at least as an option.  I prefer group, so yay.

Multiclassed Elves the less restrictive class requirements apply.  (except thieving).  So armor and spells are go, swords and clerics (this is allowed for any races multiclassing).  Rules mention limiting this to elfin chain which I might do otherwise elves seem darn uber.

Multi Dwarfs suffer most restrictive and Multi Gnomes can were leather no better.

Racial level limits seem way low.  Very view multiclass chars would be suitable for 8-12lvl modules.  I didn't see anywhere bonus for being single classed demi-human, maybe it's a UA rule, but I'm gonna allow single class demi-humans 150% max level restrictions.

I never liked Assassin class, but this one seems unsucky enough that I'll allow it.

No monk class :(

Traps spring 50% of time.  Similar rule in D&D/OD&D(I believe).  As DM I've totally missed this and have always had traps "fire" 100% of time (unless, of course, they are disarmed).

pg 121 When Closing Into Combat neither combatant may attack that round.

pg 121-122 Creatures with multiple attacks are considered one "routine".  They all happen on creature's initiative and they all attack same target!  Unless creature description says otherwise.

pg 122 Melee targets are random!  Players can't choose their target.  Not sure how I feel about this.  Having everyone beat up on the same target is time honored tactic.

pg 122 Melee range is 10'

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