Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm regretting not signing up for the play test sessions offered at NTRPG Con 2011.

Holy fucking crap that is a lot of really stupendously fantastic inspiring art in the Beta downloadIf those images don't make you **ache** to roll dice and adventure across graphpaper, man I don't know.  Ask Data for you emotion chip back or something.

The biggest thing I'm giddy with excitement over is how this product will reach masses of players.  Who are going to be exposed (and hopefully indoctrinated ;) to most of my preferred style.
  • Stats in order / in general random generation over "char building".
  • Race as class, suck it gnome paladin!
  • Death happens and it makes game fun.
  • Rulings over rules / don't need a rule to do something, just a DM.
  • Morale, shit don't just keep attacking until you beat the XP out of it.
  • Magic is fickle and not entirely under your control.
  • Weird is were it's at!
  • Proper adventuring attire is pointy pg 44
There's differences but I'm willing to take the bad with the good. Esp if it's gonna be illustrated all funktacular like.

Half of Goodman's Games make me cry tears of suckyness but then they publish products like Dungeon Alphabet and this.  I can't hate'm but I can't love'm either.  Damn shades of grey!

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