Friday, November 2, 2012

Not Enough Temple Dances in my Campaign

just sayin

Debra Paget in 2nd part, "The Indian Tomb", of Fritz Lang's INDIAN EPIC.  "The Tiger of Eschnapur" being the first part. Available from Fantoma.


  1. Okay, I'll bite (pun intended), what movie is this from?

  2. @alzrius

    Doh, my bad, I must have been "distracted" and forgotten ;) Updated with links and info.

  3. I once threw a Temple Dance in my campaign. I don't think I've heard from those players since.

    I was not expecting that dude to start speaking in German.

  4. snap
    classics lecturer sped up this part in class as un educational

  5. I love Jason's reaction, "aw, dang!". Stealing thrice-headed idol for some dungeon somewhere. The closing, putting on full covering robes, ha! Those bewbs were for the demon and not you.


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