Saturday, November 10, 2012


uZak's 100 dogs (and by indirection Noisms) + Telecanter's silhouettes  = Norm get's off his lazy ass and makes some 3x5" canine "hirelings". Not as pretty as Telecanter's packanimalpaloozas. Better than a small, but vicious dog to the nuts.

Last session potential dog purchaser tested the wares by taking their captured kobold and War Poodle to the local fighting pits. Threw the wretch in with the poodle who sat, expectantly looking up at "master" (rolled #12 Extremely well trained--will obey any order it can understand and never checks morale.) At the command to "kill" the war poodle lept across the pit and tore the pore kolbold's throat out.  'bold only had a hp left having spent the last day, unfed, locked in a barrel. Dogmonger closed the deal, player didn't even bother haggling.

Enough of that, release the hounds!

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