Friday, November 30, 2012

November Blog Roll Addditions

Super radtacular Blogs added to the Roll and totally awesome why. - post on being ridiculously excited / hyperbolic in product reviews which I, of course, totally am all the time. It's my style. I'm providing my opinion and my opinions are frequently "over the top". If I'm only "meh" on something there's nothing interesting to say about it. - the guy with frozen eyelashes. - I want to read about Veins of the Earth (and since I've mentioned it he can't back down now). Also opinionated people, like Stalin on cocaine, are more interesting. - Great name, don't get to interact with many down under RPGrs. Gamma Posts. Great pics "Ahhhhh" - One of my FLGS. - PocketMod Spellbook and Bene Gesserit Class!!! Great minimalistic mod of turning chart. - Santicore! and Dark Sun content which I've never played, always been interested in, and rarely see. - Conan pic.

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