Monday, January 17, 2011

Gold & Glory 2nd session

Ran the second session of Labyrinth Lord (heavily house-ruled (more on that later)) Gold and Glory Campaign.  Went fairly well.  Two players from 1st session came back so it can't be all bads.  I'm not as prepared as I would like (need DM screen, more things in my DM book, etc)  But, at some point you gotta say fsck it and just start playing the darn thing or else your campaign will never get started.  

3rd session set for Sunday 23rd Jan, Feb is still chrono incognita.

One of the campaigns "themes" is clawing your way up from nothing.  Which means characters start out practically destitute.  Besides basic camping gear, backpack, some rope most characters have a dagger.  Martial types get leather armor and a spear.  That's it, no bows, oil, lanterns, no shields, not even money enough to stay more than 1 night at the inn.  This has been a struggle for the players as well as the characters.  They have done fairly well at surviving.  Mostly by running away.  Which means they aren't able to pick up better gear (like a freakin shield) from their foes.  They got a spiked club only because it was impaled on the soon to be dead character.

The point of this post was to say how nice it is to have artists amongst your players.  Pro-tip: Always have a place for character portrait on your charsheets.

Front side of my custom LL Char Sheet

Player map, looks totally bad ass 

Really dig background details for this Blue (hence water I think) Magi, sadly MIA. 

Wizard wearing "Mother's Wig", the only character to survive 2 sessions and thus proud owner of 179xp.

A Scout/Archer type, KIA?

Another Scout Marksmen, KIA? or just down for some R&R?

Hobbit is rockin the bolo tie. Sadly MIA.

Not at all what I had in mind for the sign of the Goat & Wizard Pub.  It's much better.

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