Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Morning Trivia Answers

Finally, what I'm sure you've all be anciously awaiting, answers to last Friday's Troll's Trivia Tragedy!

1st Level
What character class has the ability to influence the reactions of others through music, poetry, and stories?


2nd Level
Which of the following is NOT a special ability common to all rangers?

D. Can accurately identify plants and animals. PH page 29

3rd Level
What is the maximun number of missiles permitted by a magic missile spell?

Five. [Surprised me, I thought there was no limit.]

4th Level
What specific advantage do characters gain by parrying?

Nonwarriors gain an AC bonus = to 1/2 their level, Warriors gain a bonus equal to 1/2 their level + 1.

5th Level
Francis casts polymorph other on a lesser basilisk (INT 1) turning it into a chipmunk. What is the chance that the basilisk will take on the mentality of Chippy the chipmunk?

65% (Twenty minus 1 intelligence, minus 6 (level difference) equals 13. Twenty divided by thirteen equals 0.65, or 65%) PH page 100 [Holy complicated crap! How about DM judges circumstances and picks an X between 1-5 and rolls X in 6 chance.]

[bonus question: will Chippy's gaze turn to stone?]
I say yes! But do lesser basilisks even turn to stone?

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