Monday, January 3, 2011

New D&D Movie

Did you know that there’s a new D&D movie in the works? It’s called Book of Vile Darkness.  Oh and you totally missed chance to win a walk-on role as the character you created.  But, having to create a "heroic tier" character using the D&D Character Builder tool, currently available through Dungeons & Dragons Insider. With no more than no more than 100 words of flavor.

Uh, huh.  100 words you say?  Guess their going for the one-dimensional, paper thin depth type of characters. Didn't they already make that movie?  [Actually I like the D&D movies.]

As an aside; I once read somewhere on the blogs that their belief of why TSR adventures style changed from open / sand boxy / location based to more linear / story / plot based is because as TSR grew they hired out of work / wannabe fantasy fiction authors.   I bet when WotC took over the ratio of game(as in not RPG) designers went way up.  That could explain a lot of 3.x's balance / mechanics obsession.  I wonder if an influx of programmer/video game designer types influenced 4.x?  Seems much less clear than other two style changes. But, having a character building tool and other stuff made me wonder that.

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