Friday, July 22, 2011

Austin is Great for Gamers

Austin is great for gamers.  I'm guessing the combo of lots of computer game companies, lots of geeks cause of tech industry, and being best place in Texas ;) to live drives up the gamer to schlub ratio. The most gaming per capita I've seen having lived in Kansas City, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Lots of old school activity, lots of new school activity, lots of boardgame activity.  Several great conventions in the area.l NTRPGCon, Owlcon are two I goto and love.  Also, various minicons ABGB, oldschool in Austin.  Lots of minis wargaming, centered around Great Hall Games. Big ASL group.

I maintain a Google map of Austin FLGS even though they keep going out of business there are still several to choose from.

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