Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paint Night!

Not much painting got done.  But my friend did assemble and base my Otherworlds Pig Faced Orc tribe.  Even with voucher Otherworld minis are dear.  But, man do they look great.  I have vague plan to get all minis for B2 Caves of Chaos.

Pig-faced Orc Tribe!  Also got tiny winy  Kobold tribe, gluing tiny arms and shields is challenging to my sanity.

Just to make you jealous, pic of rest of my Otherwold minis!  Boglings, some gnolls, lizardmen, couple demons, undead, troll, owlbear, and two awesome Ogres!

NTRPG Minotaur!

I'm working at painting other mini's to build up some painting skills before I uglify the great Otherworld sculpts.  Painted some crappy no detail space ships from I think Buck Rogers game which I mounted on some stands from Heroscape, using "counting sticks" from teacher supply store.   Doesn't really work well, mountings are fragile and kind of ugly.  Much better to buy stands from that one online acrylic everything for games manf I can't remember right now.   Glue mini-magnets (cheap off of Ebay) to stand and to space ship.  Less likely to snap and you can quickly change stands (to represent elevation or ???, and so you don't need stand for every model).  btw I glued magnets into all my minis stands.   Now they (non-metal atl east) stick to my magnetic whiteboard and to my magnetic square grid mat and disks I got from Alea Tools.

Painted a golem thing, troll (pic below).  And started on some actual spaceship minis (not pictured).  Don't think I like painting spaceships.  Straight lines are hard.
Cheap plastic pieces from some game.  White brow ridge is flash artifact. I painted these tonight!

My friend has painting skills, he did this Tri-kreen rip off.

These pictures look better than real thing...

Monkey loves Banana!

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