Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alea Tools Kickstarter

To finish out Trifecta of Kickstarters, I humbly present Alea Tools Color Boost Kickstarter. These colored, magnetic 1" and 2" inch are produced by Alea Tools. I have a bunch of there existing colors and related tools. The Kickstarter is for additional (or existing) colors. Primary meant to be used under minis to represent various conditions, etc. I've used them for that and much more.

In Hackmaster, one disk under mini, another of same color on initiative trac (which is continuous in Hackmaster), and for monsters a third on hitpoint trac.  Those tracs where on magnetic surface which the magnetic Alea disks work awesomely with.  BTW each disk comes with adhesive, magnetic circles to stick on bottom of mini to keep them stuck on Alea disks. I've also used them just by themselves as markers for monsters (when traveling light without minis).  To mark which characters are carrying torches, to indicate elevation.  On ammo, time, and other ad hoc tracks I draw on dry erase board as needed.  They, of course, work great on magnetic dry erase boards.

If you use minis and/or a game system with lots of conditions or other things to track, I heartly reccomend getting some Alea Tools. Either directly from Alea Tools' online store or via the ...

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