Monday, June 10, 2013

Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter

This past weekend at North Texas RPG Con I got to play a pre-production version of Cthulhu Wars with Sandy Petersen. It is a fun board game. Has all the GOO flavor one would expect. Each player controls a faction recruiting cultists, summoning monsters and Great Old Ones. What I really liked besides the huge number of really large and nicely sculpted minis was that each faction had distinct flavor, rules, strategy. Adding to the replay value was the clever map board. Two double sided sections which can be combined into four different arrangements. Neat!

I was dominating with Shub-Niggaroth, the Black Goat when had to call game for time. I liked it so much that I joined the Kickstarter.

Those are the minis for one faction.
FOUR factions are included in game with many more to come in expansions.

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