Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Thieve's Guild Contact Had to Say

Finally got to use my copy of  "The Canting Crew".

The characters in my Airstreams & Aeronautical campaign have been  acquiring the "interest" of various parties. The rogue has a contact with the local Syndicate. Below is what his contact told him. 

It's no role-playing masterpiece. But even if player isn't into it,  I had great fun writing it. Since I doubt the player knows "cant" I put some translations in [square brackets].

Your syndicate contact mentions lots questions, from all over, are being asked about delta squadron. Esp regards that gangly eyebiter [wizard], and your arts and crafts robe [Shelya priest]. Even was two ding boys stagging [trailing] that one. I'm no talesman [narc]. But, I can tell and swears is alls worth ye knowing, your boys [the squadron] been talk of the fleet. Ins and outs the syndicate and other whip ways. Even been run up official channels [Fleet Guards]. 
I shant be outing me fellow footpads but the figger paying your dipper and ding boy [pick pocket and thug] was hired by well-known arranger who was probably hired by yet another middle man. Nothing to learn down that jolly road. The long Nob who set'm atcha was one right fat cull. And went to troubles snudging themselves [person behind it was powerful/wealthy took pains to hide involvement/trail back to them]. That kind of action ain't trotted out to filch pockets. 
I say find a cozy waste [ale house] to snudge in. Why toddle about when the hawk's out, eh? I know means to fill your bung full of cog [make money] More'nough for rum belch and doxies. Words out Rods and you cozy like bruvs. Me boys and I eared the nob be receiving right fine shipment of bene wine. You stag the "when" and we'll earn the prize. Cut you in a fair gaff [proly 200gp]. Tell soon, Mo's the job.

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