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Adventuer's Guild

In Austin TX there are a collection of DMs and players running in a shared campaign world, Planet Eris. Each DM, so far, has taken responsibility for different area of the world. Typically around a dungeon.

One of the groups goals is to encourage characters to move among the various DM's campaigns.  As a conceit to travel times and DMs maybe not wanting certain powerful magic items in their campaigns teleportation gates are placed around the world guarded by "archons" who magically and temporarily strip characters of anything destination DM don't like.

I'm running a "city" campaign and wanted something "around" this gate, a bank without really being a bank, gold sink, and path for players to involve their characters in local factions/politics.  So, created the Adventurers Guild among several others. I'm normally dead set against anachronistic "meta" organizations like that. But, it fits in with archon gates and the city, Durthos, which I've dubbed "City of Adventures" due to its proximity to various adventure sites and cosmopolitan trade hub nature attracting, researchers, wizards, tomb robbers and rest of the "adventurer types".

Adventurers Guild PDF

Adventurers Guild
Several adventuring parties established guild to provide support to its members. They have received
charters from numerous sovereigns and may be found across the known world.
Secretly founded and controlled by, d4:
1. Wizard Zantanos, as means of gathering secrets and artifacts both long forgotten and well
2. The Emperor to keep tabs on and exert subtle influence over these powerful individuals.
3. Trickster god, there being no humans more chaotic and entertaining than "adventurers".
4. Thieves' Guild, it being easier to steal gold once someone else has hauled it out of the dungeon.

Guild Activities
Operate Hostels, Inns, and other "support" businesses at prime "adventuring" locations.
Member services. Including coin exchange, storage, appraisal, legal aide, and hard to quantify access to
network of adventurers. Arrange for ransoms to be paid.
Grant monopolies and concessions (when local situation allows).
Operate Gates - Guild Houses
5gp toll outbound, inbound always free. Store tax free >1000gp gold for anyone coming through gate.
10% (1% members) coin exchange (at gates).
Political Influence:
Pushing for low/no tax on recovered treasure. Encouraging expansion into "wilderness" and "border"
regions. Promotion of "adventurer as hero" image and a valued, needed part of society through art,
literature and song. Suppression / Spin of negative "press". Such as when adventurers accidentally
burn down a town. Similar pro-adventurer lobbying.

At major guild houses several experts are at hand to appraise Art, Goods, Gems, Jewelery and other
objects of value. Depending on local resources, guild may offer to buy appraised items. Esp. goods
needed by guild, low-value gems, or unique items for The Auction. Some such items are typically
available for purchase. Will issue semi-recognized cert for 5% fee.

Legal Aide
Registry and enforcement of wills. The guild will enforce local death taxes which range from 20-50%.
Guild will assist members who run afoul of the law with bail posting, hiring of barristers, bribing of judges;
whatever is "normal" for local jurisdiction. Much depends on nature of crime, guild's opinion as to
member's guilt, and member's stature within guild.
Guild will arrange for the payment of ransoms demanded for captured guild members, their retainers, and
companions. Gold and other wealth stored with the guild can be predesignated for this purpose.
Otherwise Guild will provide a loan at 20% interest. This ransom grantee is well known. Which both
protects members and makes them targets.

Monopolies & Concessions
In many regions the Guild has been granted (or more rarely operates by force) a monopoly to a particular
adventuring site: tomb, dungeon, etc. In turn the guild leases these to it's members. Larger more popular
adventure locations are often split up into separate monopolies and/or concessions (such as right to
collect entrance/exit toll).
Claims (to a newly discovered location or previously unknown level) may be registered with guild. If
legitimate a short-term monopoly will be granted. The trade off is you must reveal the location, means of
access and provide maps to the guild.

Storage / The Auction
At major guild houses members may store wealth and other items in standard sized chests. Items are
subject to inspection and dangerous ones are prohibited. If desired, an appraisal will be issued and the
guild insures against loss equal to this amount. Although, it is rare to hear rumor of a chest being stolen or
lost. If this is due to guild's security or their suppression of any such rumor is a frequent, if whispered, bar
room debate.
These chests will be released (only) to owner or validated inheritor.
If a chest remains unclaimed for 13 years it's contents are forfeit to the guild. Unclaimed contents are sold
at periodic auctions. Which attract a fair amount of attention. Esp when a famous adventurer's belongings
are purported to be on the block.

Guild Duties
• Be good of character, an upstanding representative of guild, and support fellow adventurers.
• Obey laws, customs and norms of local population. Pay all local tolls/taxes/tariffs/etc.
• Respect guild granted monopolies, concessions and all other guild edicts.
• Keep guild business within the guild. Grievances against a member should be resolved in guild

Guild Ranks

• Nominated by two existing members or pay 1000gp "evaluation of character" fee.
Free use of gates. Use of guild lodgings & other services.

• 1 documented adventure / 2nd level
• 1,000gp total contribution to guild
• 100gp/level/annum dues.
• Free use of gates.
• Use of guild lodgings & services.
• Store 1 chest 13 years.
• Bid on unclaimed goods auction.

• 4+ documented adventures / 4th level
• 5,000gp total contribution to guild
• 100gp/level/annum dues.
• Free use of gates.
• Use of guild lodgings & services.
• Store 5 chests 13 years.
• Bid on unclaimed goods auction.

Master Adventurer
• 8+ documented adventures / 8th level
• 25,000gp total contribution to guild
• 100gp/level/annum dues.
• Free use of gates.
• Use of guild lodgings & services.
• Store 25+ chests and/or large objects 13 years.
• Bid on unclaimed goods auction.
• Part of Guild leadership

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  1. Just be careful to restrict reusable magic items and equipment to actual adventuring, and not through auction. The occasional magic equipment on auction or whatever could be ok on rare occasions. It worked to great effect when I put in a sword of wishing (instead of a lamp of wishes) when the group was looking for magic equipment in the Amon Sin market. I usually set odds as 1 on a 1d6 if the group has to spend time and resources trying to find it, or 1 on d12 or larger if its something they are always asking about.


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