Thursday, January 8, 2015

ChupacabraCon this weekend

Austin TX very own game convention, Chupacabracon has snuck up on me. Apparently it is this weekend Jan 9th-11th at the Norris Conference Center 2525 West Anderson Ln #365 Austin, TX 78757.

Jan 9th-11th, 2015

Unfortunately, I'm already scheduled, Fri to delve Palace of the Vampire Queen (play Planet Eris OD&D roll20 online game). Sat, tdefeat the aerial hooligans and their limey armor (playing monster wargame Highway to the Reich) and on Sunday Count Strahd will hopefully, do away with these pesky interlopers that have been prowling around Ravenloft these past few weeks (5th ed run of I6 Castle Ravenloft). Sometimes I wish I had more time for games :)

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