Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pleskos Map

Yes it is a map of Pleskos (Gatetown), an adventurer boom town, outside ruins of Anatolis. Made for online, roll20, campaign I'm currently running.

Not all that exciting (the town is more interesting than map, probably post write up after players learn about most of it). Guess I'm posting it to encourage others to post their stuff. Even if you're crappy at art like me, or think it's dumb or boring, throw your shit out there. I bet somebody, someday will get a kick out of it. Or better get that push they need to do something of their own. Reading peoples blogs and seeing the stuff they do, has certainly kept me creating and playing.

Click it HUGE!

1 comment:

  1. Love the feet at Colossus Gate. Looks like it would be as tall as the town is wide! Is infested with flea-like gargoyles? Is it a tower of some sort? Or did it collapse outward into the wilderness, maybe half-burying a chaotic temple?

    How about a side elevation of the town?

    Looks like you were right about somebody getting a kick out of it :-)


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