Thursday, February 25, 2010

OwlCon XXIX Game Recap

Car Wars
The Swords & Wizardry game got canceled (major bummer). Instead I drove the General Lee in a nicely put together game of Car Wars.

Life doesn't get better than laying down a line of dropped spikes in a sweet, orange Charger (although that looks like a GTO, eh?).

Couple of shots of me driving around the central cluster fuck. Sadly this awesome tactic meant I never got many good shots and the ones I did get I whiffed on . So, I had to drive off the arena alive but without a kill to my name. The south will Ride Again!

Burning Wheel

Is a game system that didn't appeal to me after reading the rules. Although the setup of this game (riff on the premise of the film Resevoir Dogs) was irresistible and caused me to give it a try. Glad I did. It was a total hoot. DM arrived scruffy beard, sunglasses, suit, pencil tile toting a briefcase. It got awesomer from there.

Our job was to rob jewelry store with this gang:
Mr. Green - punk pizza delivery boy on first job
Mr. Silk - womanizer, smooth talker
Mr. Velvet - Silks protective older brother
Mr. Red - Marine hot head who's father get's blown away in opening scene
Mr. Cotton - old mobster and crew boss
Mr. Burlap - old, washed up, drunk safe cracker (me)

Won't bore you with whole story but of course job was cocked up. During aftermath I won the argument (social contest), I won the draw, but I missed with my shot and in return got my chest and a good portion of head splattered round inside of the getaway van. Althought, not before I got to call someone Cocksucker! Game ended in Mexican standoff in which everyone got dropped except Mr. Velvet who dragged his brother out (in slow-mo as grenade someone had dropped explodes into huge fire ball behind him).

The system plays so much nicer, quicker, cleaner than reading the rules implied. Burning Wheel is definitely an RPG were you need a good GM and good, engaged, confident players. I would play again and totally recommend it to those looking for a good "indie" system.

Savage Worlds

Fun game with local Austin GM Flynn. I enjoy savage worlds as a player but DMing it something just doesn't work for me. I think it's cause I don't like fantasy/sci-fi to be heroic pulp type style that SW promotes. I can imagine running something like Tales of the Gold Monkey though.

The highlight was a late walkin, 10-13? yr old friend of the 10-13 yr old girl already playing. Her hyperness, enthusiasm and cuteness were fun and uplifting. Made me think I should be more open to kids in my games but after awhile her hyperness, enthusiasm and waning cuteness reminded me why I'm not.

Still fun time all around even though the Blood "God", pictured below, totally whipped our butts.

Another miniatures game. Insanely hard and evil. The more zombies you shoot the more that appear.

Oh noes! Zombies in the Hannah Montona Mall.

What happens when you start a semi-tracter & trailer?
Well 12 zombies per turn are generated and mob your ass. Then you crash into the side of Hannah Montana Mall's entrance. The resulting explosion burns most the zombies and propels you into the mall were the other players shoot you first in the face and then in the back of the head.

This is how it ends, face down outside CDs & More, brain food for zombies.


This is an RPG in development by ... Some company blank_hawg or blank_hog from San Antonio I think. It was fun, but the very most important thing that I now know (also after playing Deadlands CCG) is

There is absolutely no reason to make or play any western RPG / Game that does not somehow use regular 52 card deck and poker hands as it's primary mechanic.

Jesus Sanchez lets loose with some Tijuana lead!

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  1. Dwight here, the fellow that ran the Dogs on the Waterfront scenario. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I certainly enjoyed watching the 6 of you "engaged, confident players" nail those characters, hammer on your BITs, and put on one hell of a show.

    That was only the second time the scenario was played for the general public, the first was the night prior, and the first time it has ever been run with 6 players. In the interests of refining the scenario I'm going to ask you a favour. Setting aside those much appreciated gushy comments, please give me your thoughts on the negatives, what didn't work for you, your concerns, etc. Anything is fair game. In the comments here is fine, or via email if you like ( send_junk_to_me_now at hotmail . c o m ).

    P.S. I heard about that Car Wars session and I'm sorry I missed it. If it comes back next year I'm going to be all over it. It sounded like a complete hoot, I got a more detailed description from the guy that won the model of the Vagisil sponsored car (the "prize" for the first person knocked out :) ).


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