Tuesday, February 2, 2010

North Texas RPG Con

Just registered for the North Texas RPG Convention, June 3-6 in Irving, TX (somewhere near Dallas I think, close enough to Austin). It's specifically an "Old School" convention. These old school guys start it early and hard! Thursday night 6pm till midnight! Dungeon of Death, DM Rob Kuntz! AD&D 8 4th-6th lvl players Lake Geneva Original Campaign™
A dungeon crawl in the good ole sense of the phrase. Exploration, tricks and traps, and crazy combat situations await! This has been specially crafted for NTRPGCon and has some surprises in it for their members! Dead-PCs' character sheets will be autographed by Rob Kuntz...
How many suicidal characters will that create? An awesome beginning continues Friday morning when Allan Grohe runs Delving the Depths of Grodog's Castle Greyhawk! More AD&D goodness. 8-12 players!
Delve the wonders and perils of grodog's version of Castle Greyhawk, and (hopefully) come out alive, unchanged, and with some loot and war stories to share over a tankard or two at the Green Dragon Inn. Pregen PCs will be provided on replica 1977 TSR character sheets.
Mid-afternoon I slow down a bit and attend "Playing": Origns of the Game panel with Rob Kuntz, Tim Kask, Dennis Sustare.

Then it's back at it. Friday night sees me joining the Third Expedition Into Mythrus Tower. Original D&D (using Swords & Wizardry Core Rules) run by Matt Finch. This one looks really interesting. This megadungeon is being run by various DM's in different timeslots throughout the convention. Players can start new or return with a surviving character from a previous timeslot. A mini-sandbox campaign for the four days of the convention and beyond! I was tempted to fill up all my slots with Expedition's to the tower...
The third expedition into Mythrus Tower! Players from earlier expeditions may use their same characters (with all their xp and treasure), and new players may freely join the party. Information, including maps, may be freely shared by those who undertook one of the earlier expeditions; in fact, this is encouraged. Treasure that’s looted by earlier expeditions will be gone; bodies left behind will still be there. This is an ongoing series of expeditions, not the same scenario being played over and over again.
Notes: Newly generated characters are also entered into the “Book of Names” of the Swords & Wizardry World of Mythrus campaign. These characters can be brought into later World of Mythrus events with their existing levels and equipment.

Mythrus Tower is a vast megadungeon, with all the traditional features from traps to tricks to wandering monsters. Bring your A-game; the upper levels are easy, but this is the real thing, not an introductory module.
I think I'll be ready to pass out by this time and it's only Saturday Morning. I'm sure being in Michael Shorten's (who's that? oh it's Chgowiz) Swords & Wizardry adventure Tomb of Hulkursag will be incentive enough to drag me out of bed.

World/Setting : Fantasy/Mesopotamia!!! (that is sooooo super awesome)
The ziggurat has been breached and some secrets plumbed from the depths, but the brave party that initially ventured forth... alas... the gods must have cursed them as only one returned with the barest scratchings on a tablet to guide you. Tombs were found, filled with riches! Will you enter the Black Ziggurat and go where others have tried... and died? NOTE: This will be the first public play of a Sumerian setting/dungeon for Swords & Wizardry Core Rules, as well as a continuation of a game first started at GenCon 2009. It's meant for the cautious, the smart and the prepared, as combat, traps and riches await those who enter. While you'll have the choice of venturing to a place where clues are given, the entire ziggurat itself is available for you to explore if you desire.

After that , another panel. This one on Megadungeon Design. The panelists sound like they might know a thing or two about that. Paul Jaquays, Rob Kuntz, Allan Grohe, Jason Cone "Philotomy".

I actually have Saturday evening free, whew. Some time to poke around vendors, chat and meet some of the awesome people attending this con or simply sleep. Would have liked to have squeezed in some of Steve Winter's D&D Expert or Gamma World games. But they're scheduled other times and it just didn't work out this time. Tim Kask's Onto the Devil's Skillet's description was too intimidating for m;
"Skill level not recommended for beginners. No books/rules allowed at table except mine; just bring a writing utensil and dice."

Sunday I'm registered for Jon Hershberger's Castle of the Mad Archmage AD&D 6-7th lvl set in the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. But, this is continuation of mornings session (which was full) and I may or may not get in. If not I can always pillage the Mythrus Tower again!
The Castle of the Mad Archmage -- long a source of speculation and wonder among learned sages as well as common folk that live nearby, it has existed as an enigma for longer than most men can recall. And remain it does, still shrouded in mystery as rumors, old wives tales, and legend all blend together to veil a true understanding. The Castle has drawn adventurers from all corners of the realm, and beyond, who have sought to unravel some of the mysteries kept therein and to relieve the Mad Archmage of some of his material wealth. Have you the guile and the will, each in sufficient measure, to test your mettle in the depths beneath the Castle of the Mad Archmage?

Damn I'm excited about this convention and it is months away!

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