Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The 29th OwlCon

I got a nasty cough and sore throat that lasted the entire con. Popping cough drops, on verge of losing one's voice is a great way to be for a weekend of role-playing...

Owl Con organizers are top notch. Great con, good location (student union: various sized rooms, places to eat and hangout, bar downstairs! Everything went smoothly from pre-reg, to picking up badge/packet, to last minute changes to games. Definitely will get back there next year for OwlCon #30!

I finally met the Colonel. Bought a nice color map of the city of Viridistan from City State of the World Emperor ($4.00), Gamescience Book of Tables Vol1 ($6.00), and a Gamescience version of Tegel Manor? ($15.00, I think) No Gamescience dice though, I have plenty. All of which I'll post reviews on later. Also a couple metal tins of Fiery Dragon's older(3.5ed) Counter Collections for 1/2 price ($10 each). Paper counters are nice, portable alternative to mini's sometimes. Overall probably more than I should/had to pay for that stuff. But man, Mr. Zocchi has been dragging this stuff to cons and being part of the hobby forever. I'm happy for my dollars to go into his pocket.

From another vendor's (I believe it was a FLGS) boxes of old game stuff I got The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Vol 3, The South ($5.00), the terribly awesome Tricorder/Starship Sensors Interactive Display accessory from FASA's Star Trek ($5.00), Non-Sequitur Productions' Cults & Conspiracies I Which I just found out is a supplement for Of Gods and Men (I bought book based on title alone and had assumed it was d20). I find it hilarious since I won the corebook of that system a few years back at DunDraCon. We'll see if it's worth the $12.00 I paid, way more than I normally spend on something like this. Must have been getting giddy from lack of sleep / having the flu.

Picked up nicely printed, pocketbook sized version of H.G. Wells Little Wars reprinted by Skirmisher Publishing ($10.00). Skirmisher's vendor booth dude threw in a coupon for a free copy H.G. Wells PDF Bundle. Nice! I also intend to pick up a PDF of their City Builder which I didn't feel need to have a physical copy of.

They were pushing a Cthulhu LARP. Even though LARPs are well outside my idea of fun it tickles me pink to know there are "kids" running around non-euclidean geometries loosing their sanity.

While in Houston, also visited Nan's Games & Comics Too (the FLGS of my con buddy's youth) and I picked up a copy of HackMaster's B2 Little Keep on the Borderlands ($?.?? I think full-price, guess supporting the FLGS). Nice store with a ton of stuff, lots of older stuff. I would have bought much more if we weren't in a hurry and I wasn't poor.

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