Saturday, February 13, 2010

Galeb Duhr

This silly what monster are you was pointed out by the RPG Dumping Ground. One of the questions implied that Galeb duhr was an anagram. According to random anagram site found via Google it's one of these. But, damn if I can't figure out which one. Dale Burgh? Who dat?

Badge Hurl
Garbled Uh
Balder Hug
Balder Ugh
Blared Hug
Blared Ugh
Bald Huger
Garble Duh
Herbal Dug
Bag Hurdle
Bag Hurled
Gab Hurdle
Gab Hurled
Blah Urged
Glared Hub
Haled Grub
Haled Burg
Herald Bug
Lead Burgh
Lade Burgh
Dale Burgh
Deal Burgh
Had Burgle
Had Bugler
Hard Bulge
Hard Bugle
Hag Burled
Laugh Bred
Ha Burgled
Ah Burgled
Rah Bulged
Rah Bugled
A Burgh Led
A Grub Held
A Burg Held
Bad Her Lug
Dab Her Lug
Bald Erg Uh
Bald Eh Rug
Bald He Rug
Bald Re Hug
Bald Re Ugh
Bard Gel Uh
Bard Leg Uh
Bard Eh Lug
Bard He Lug
Drab Gel Uh
Drab Leg Uh
Drab Eh Lug
Drab He Lug
Brad Gel Uh
Brad Leg Uh
Brad Eh Lug
Brad He Lug
Bag Ed Hurl
Gab Ed Hurl
Grab Led Uh
Garb Led Uh
Brag Led Uh
Bah Led Rug
Bah Red Lug
Blah Ed Rug
Blah Dug Re
Lab Red Hug
Lab Red Ugh
Lab Drug Eh
Lab Drug He
Lab Dug Her
Lab Duh Erg
Alb Red Hug
Alb Red Ugh
Alb Drug Eh
Alb Drug He
Alb Dug Her
Alb Duh Erg
Bra Geld Uh
Bra Led Hug
Bra Led Ugh
Bra Duh Gel
Bra Duh Leg
Bar Geld Uh
Bar Led Hug
Bar Led Ugh
Bar Duh Gel
Bar Duh Leg
Ad Beg Hurl
Ad Herb Lug
Gad Be Hurl
Gad Blur Eh
Gad Blur He
Gad Burl Eh
Gad Burl He
Glad Hub Re
Glad Rub Eh
Glad Rub He
Glad Bur Eh
Glad Bur He
Had Rub Gel
Had Rub Leg
Had Bur Gel
Had Bur Leg
Hard Be Lug
Lad Berg Uh
Lad Grub Eh
Lad Grub He
Lad Burg Eh
Lad Burg He
Lad Bug Her
Lad Hub Erg
Lard Be Hug
Lard Be Ugh
Lard Beg Uh
Lard Bug Eh
Lard Bug He
Rad Hub Gel
Rad Hub Leg
Hag Blur Ed
Hag Burl Ed
Hag Rub Led
Hag Bur Led
Lag Bred Uh
Lag Drub Eh
Lag Drub He
Lag Dub Her
Lag Bud Her
Lag Hub Red
Gal Bred Uh
Gal Drub Eh
Gal Drub He
Gal Dub Her
Gal Bud Her
Gal Hub Red
Rag Bled Uh
Rag Hub Led
Gar Bled Uh
Gar Hub Led
Ha Bled Rug
Ha Bred Lug
Ha Drub Gel
Ha Drub Leg
Ha Grub Led
Ha Burg Led
Ha Rub Geld
Ha Bur Geld
Ah Bled Rug
Ah Bred Lug
Ah Drub Gel
Ah Drub Leg
Ah Grub Led
Ah Burg Led
Ah Rub Geld
Ah Bur Geld
Rah Bed Lug
Rah Deb Lug
Rah Dub Gel
Rah Dub Leg
Rah Bud Gel
Rah Bud Leg
Rah Bug Led
La Bred Hug
La Bred Ugh
La Berg Duh
La Herb Dug
La Burgh Ed
La Bug Herd

Oh and I'm a apparently "A creature out of legend, the heroslayer hydra earned its name from the heroes who fell to its fangs." Which I take to be subtily cautioning me about my Killer DM tendencies.

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