Sunday, February 14, 2010

While Looking for Images of Galeb Duhr

This speaks to why random encounters, random generators, and random tables in general are beloved by many. Why ditching preplanned story and plot for the chaos of however, whereever, whatever trouble the players get up to is an easier and more fun way to DM (for me).

The other day I did a Google image search for Galeb Duhr. One of the hits was this page. Which I'm not sure what it is but it's freaky, full of monsters and fun.
"Climbing up to the third level, the Ralgül Party finds a very ornately decorated dungeon with columns and identical statues on each doorway. All the statues have grim and evil expressions and the light is a dark purple color and very hazy."

Middle of some sort of weird ass play report? I'm off to poke around (explore) that site. See what treasure I may find.

Let go of control, embrace the random. The surprise of not knowing what's ahead is a total hoot.

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