Friday, October 2, 2009

Bows, not so fast!

I've always thought the distinction between melee and ranged combat in D&D was BS. Especially bows' multiple shots per round. Most people accept that melee does not represent one swing but rather 6 or 10 seconds of feinting, parrying, dodging, etc. But then D&D tries to convince us that archery proceeds like clockwork at an orderly rate utterly immune to the chaos and variegates of battle. Never bought it, never will. Well looky what the wellspring of truth, wikipedia, has to say. Hooody hoo!

"With the heaviest bows (a modern warbow archer) does not like to try for more than six a minute".

Significantly less than the 12-20 arrows per minute indicated by typical D&Desque ROF. [The whole idea of using ROF is broken, bows aren't bloody machine guns]. Not that I really needed it (game = game, not historical simulation). Still, that's certainly some support for the elimination of multiple attacks for bows and my "1 round, 1 attack roll regardless of weapon" rule.

It's also totally bogus that bows do the same or even more than crossbows. But that's an rantgument for another day. ;)

Flavour: Default bow is made of Ash. The better, "expert craftsman" bows are made of Yew and provide +1 bonus to hit. It takes 2-4 years to make a quality long selfbow!

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