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OoE - Dragon Magzine #8 #9

I've decided to take at least one element from every RPG product I own to use in my Gold & Glory campaign. Starting with my CD collection of the Dragon Magazines issues 1-250.

The Dragon Vol 2, No 2. Jul, 1977

This guy by Bill Hannan looks like he came from The Dying Earth.

The Full Index.


by Robert J. Kuntz
For those that like the fast-pace, roll-it-up-and-get-it-over-with type of gaming with no extra added realism to brighten up their gaming day, I suggest that these tables are not for you.
Snarky much, Rob? jk, random tables get me every time. Esp, if like these, they are very much not randomly constructed. [btw, Why do so many people equate random tables with erratic, chaotic results?] Roll for size in carats, then value per carat in gp, finally consult table that corresponds to that per carat value per carat to determine what gem stone has been found. Here one example

50 G.P. - 75 G.P. Value:
1. Amazon Stones
2. Adventurines
3. Azurite
4. Bloodstone
5. Smoky Quartz
6. Chalcedony
7. Fluorite
8. Malachite
9. Rhodonite
10. Rock Crystal
11. Rose Quartz
12. Chrysophrase
13. Citrine
14. Cyanite
15. Essonite
16. Hyacinth
17. Jacinth
18. Kunzite
19. Serpentine
20. (Roll Over)

Bonus, jewelry tables!

The Dragon Vol 2, No 3. Sep, 1977

After several issues of MA and pimping Gamma World they finally kick down with a bitchin post-apocalyptic cover. Once again by Bill Hannan (Still can't find a thing about this guy)

The Index

Tombs & Crypts
by James M. Ward "The mystery, challenge and pleasure of any wargamer in discovering and opening a tomb of some unknown being is well known"

Random generation starting with 1. Soldier, 2. Hero, 3. Priest, 4. Pair, 5. Mated. Pair, 6. Lord, 7. King, 8. Patriarch, 9. EHP, 10. Magic User, 11. Wizard, 12. Being. Which provide a bunch of modifiers to the following tables; Gold, Gems, Maps, Jewelry, Magic Item x2, Misc Magic Item, Special Item, Artifact, the Tomb itself, and the Guardian. Pretty nice all considered. It goes into my DM binder.

Needs more than a drop of ichor.
Totally reminds me of playing Populous II.

Seal of The Imperium
by M.A.R. Barker

Barker answers some of the deluge of letters (note: not email!) received due to the "EPT" issue. A few things struck me.
The Detect Evil/Good spell seems to really be a "detect hostile/non-hostile" [intent].
I like that interpretation esp since I abhor good/evil alignment systems.
(4) Can the Transmutation spell turn water into stone?
This spell is very rare on “real” Tékumel, and thus I have not had much experience of it — and did not give it much thought when I introduced it into my list.
That is how I want to roll. Throw that shit in there, figure it out later if it ever comes up.
(6) How do persons of one alignment (“good” or “Evil”) behave towards followers of the other?
With pleasant circumspection: correctly, with dignity, and watchfully.
Tsolyáni are more ceremonious and formal than Americans, ... “friendly insults” ... might well lead to violence! Thus, when one has business with a person of the opposite alignment, it is best to be honorific and polite to an equal, gravely deferential to a superior, and clearly concise to an inferior.

(7) Why don’t members of one alignment attack members of the other on sight?
... it quickly became clear to all that there must either be a terrible war to the death between the forces of the “good” deities and those of the “evil” ones, or else some means of working together must be found.
Can't we all just get along? Interesting take on alignment and a model for "How to deal with a Paladin in the Party".

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