Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sham took this "What Fantasy Writer are You" quiz which he found on this blog. It says I'm like some British chick, Mary Gentle. I'm more jazzed that my exact opposite is J K Rowling whom I despise enough she doesn't even get a wiki link. It also says I'm a bit like Sham by way of Gene Wolfe.

11 High-Brow, 27 Violent (higher than 96% of your peers. Ah yeah!), 3 Experimental and 17 Cynical! -- Full Results.

So, I'll jam my Calabash pipe through your eye socket being careful to not get any gore on my tweed jacket, but really, I won't bother cause in the end all action is meaningless.


  1. I got Mary Gentle as my back-up to Gene Wolfe. I'd never heard of her, but after reading the blurb at the wiki link I think her books might be of interest.

  2. Interesting Sham. So, mapping onto a two-axis alignment system we're probably both lawful but one of us is good and the other evil... I can guess who's LE with the 96%(psychopathic) level of violence!

    Not being that well read I hadn't heard of either of them. Next time I get the urge to read paper think I'll check them both out.

  3. Mary Gentle isn't great, to be honest. She wrote a good novel about a female mercenary in renaissance Europe called 'Ash', but I read a few other of her books and wasn't that impressed. Michael Moorcock apparently likes her, because friendly quotes from him are sprayed liberally over the covers of pretty much all her books.

    Gene Wolfe is approximately 8 million times better.


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