Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Gaping Gaps of Non-Posting

Man, I have new respect for bloggers esp those that churn out multiple posts per day. I'm looking at you Grognardia. But all those bloggers there on the right, damn they're awesome.

Well, haven't posted diddly squat for a long while...

After my vacation in January I fell into a deep depression. It happens. 1d2 times a year. During the bad ones I typically can maintain only one aspect of my life and that just barely. I've been struggling to make that one thing be my "new" job (this month is my 1yr anniversary, yay). So, this blog along with a great many other things fall by the wayside. Depression lasted a month or so. Then I got busy. And blogging is hard. It's a big commitment you have to do it regularly. You have to think up and write article series. You have to create a buffer of pre-written entries for when you're too busy or suffer a mini-depression. And you have to read the multitude of other blogger's blogs. All of that is a big barrier to start up again.

A few weeks ago I started rummaging around my blog roll. Clicking an interesting title here and there, replying with a comment or two, checking up on what my favorite bloggers had been posting (Nice that one page take off, which had just hit the scene when I fell off the horse. Glad that "this is a feeling navel gazing" got put in it's place). As I got back into reading all those blogs I felt that itch again, like I got when I started this blog. The itch to post, to add (and hopefully contribute) to the maelstrom of ideas, opinions, conversation. Desire to post my respects for memorial day put me over the edge.

So, here we go again. No doubt posting will succumb to depression again and there's a great gaping gap in this blogs future. The best I can do is enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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