Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shopping Spree

I ordered Fight On! #4, KnockSpell #2, and Miscellaneum of Cinder from at different times recently. They all arrived today! Then I heard from Chgowiz that Fight On #5 had been released. So, I had to order that. Just flipping through KnockSpell #2 was enough to convince me to toss KnockSpell #1 in my cart. Eldritch Weirdness Compilation: Books Three to One was in my cart from some earlier aborted spree. Three more tomes of old school goodness!

Then I hear that Hackmaster Basic, which I've been greedily anticipating* for some time, is open for pre-orders.

Some chat about all that.

* I really dig much of the style/attitude/camp of HackMaster, but, damn too many rules. I've longed for (even started outlining) a rules-lightish version. HMB might not be it but there'll be inspiration in there for me to steal. ~$20.00 for 196 pages is a deal these days. Art alone is probably worth the price. Wonder if James considers their style the old school aping he scorns. Personally it invokes a particular old school style but includes distictive HackMaster "The players are getting totally slaughtered" theme.

Oh, and I'm trying to buy Carcosa but it's a pain. Why can't there be Lulu version. [my paypal is dead/forgot pass/something :(]

Not to mention I'm writing this on my 1 week old 28" widescreen LCD. Which is freakin huge when you're head is only 1-1/2' away. Even at 1920x1200 fonts big enough for an old codger like me to read. $300 shipped!

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