Saturday, May 30, 2009

Appdx M: Inspirational Music - Hawkwind

[Whole idea shamelessly stolen from Zeta Orionis] I blogged about Heavy Metal Music and RPG's in the past. Hopefully I'll continue(or start) that theme and not devolve into just "Music Norm Rocks Out To".

"Too wild and ugly for the rock & roll mainstream"

Watch what Moorcock, yes that Moorcock, has to say about Hawkwind in this 9 part BBC documentary.

Hawkwind; a little space fantasy, a little electro dystopian future, and a lot of drugs. Gets my vote for best Space Rock Band of all time and space. Although, honestly most their lyrics don't do much for me RPGwise. An exception would be Silver Machine -- "It flies sideways through time." Nice bit of recursion in the chorus too. Here it is live:

Also Spirit of the Age
"I am a clone, I am not alone
Every fibre of my flesh and bone is identical to the others
Everything I say is in the same tone
as my test tube brother's voice
There is no choice between us,
If you had ever seen us,
You'd rejoice in your uniqueness
and consider every weakness something special of your own
Being a clone, I have no flaws to identify
Even this doggerel that pours from my pen,
has just been written by another twenty telepathic men,

It's more their style, the atmosphere their art lives in. Each of these titles is the seed to an adventure:

"Warrior on the Edge of Time"

"The Fifth Second of Forever"

"The Wizard Blew His Horn" - also lyrics

"Kiss of the Velvet Whip"

"Sleep of a Thousand Tears"

"Star Cannibal"

"Wastelands of Sleep"

We Took the Wrong Step Long Ago and lyrics. One would be hard pressed to find a better theme song for a post-apocalyptic or dystopian campaign.

Hawkwind is often far out spacey and trippy.

Listening as I often do while writing up stuff for games I become enthused and filled with ideas. As if some of the copious acid they dropped finds its way into me via their music.

Finally, album covers are sort of a lost art. I could see these giving adolescent Norm the same sorts of thrills and bursts of creativity that early D&D art did such as B1 & B2.

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