Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sandbox / Old School - High Level Games?

I enjoy reading the session reports various people post to their blogs. Usually they're short, sweet and interspersed with interesting posts. I've only been sucked into reading their big brother, Campaign Journals, a few times:

The Storm Crows - High level storypath 1st ed romp through G1-3, D1-2, and a couple detours. These guys are numbskulls but hilarious to read about.

Tales of Wrye - High level storypath 3.5 Excellent example of character growth. War and planes as high level content. It's also a great story.

Melan's Fomalhaut - Low level sandbox OD&D? Sword, Sorcery and Rayguns! (no monkeys yet, sadly)

What I've not encountered is higher level (9-10 plus) sandbox or old-school/retro games. Also, I've read here and there at old-school haunts that low level play is preferred by many of that ilk. Several abhor the latter letters of BECMI. Then I found out that my current campaign inspiration The Western Marches only went to lvl 6-7.

I'm curious, does sand box not lend it self to high level? Do OD&D, clones, simulacra and the style of play pushed by the old school mainstream break down at high levels? Do campaigns / players just start over after a certain point? Can anyone point out some good campaign journals that demonstrate the opposite (high level sandbox or high level AD&D?

And apropos to nothing I find my self in total agreement with the Pundit.

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