Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fight On! is Friggin Fantastic

Lot bit late to the party but I've finally actually started to read through my copy of Fight On! #3. Holy cow this book is chock full of awesome. $10.50 gets you a 150 pages, you can't hardly buy a game supplement/book/module for $10 let alone one with 150 pages. And these pages aren't half filled with distracting multi-color borders, fake parchment look, large fonts, or fluffy fiction. These pages are densely packed awesome infused with kickassness. It's so good it motivated my lazy ass to post this review on the Lulu page.

The cover art is totally rad as well.

Even though it's "targeted" at old school RPG there's tons of stuff in here for anyone who is past the "This splatbook makes my character Uber!" phase. Interviews, guest articles, cartoons, art, maps, reviews, convention advice, campaign worlds, the freakin 5th level of Hell!

There are dozens of reviews that'll give you details on what's in it. This review is telling you just go get it! Discovery of what bit of utter coolness is on the next page is akin to the thrill of exploring one more hex into the Wilderlands.

Fight On! #4 which I ordered a few days ago is "only" a 122 pages and $10.00 printed. But, I'm sure is just as worthy of praise as #3.

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