Friday, May 14, 2010

The Chainclaw

The ChainClaw or as Black & Decker call it, the alligator lopper.

Whatever you call it, it's what no Mutant Future style robocrabs should be without.  Also if there's ever a Evil Mutant Dead movie I expect "the stranger" to upgrade to one of these.

It's perfect! Things can get away from a chainsaw and while a claw can grab that's about all it does.  The ChainClaw grabs'em and saws'em up into to bite sized pieces.  Really the only improvement I can think of is if lasers shot out of the alligator's eyes.


  1. I like it! Course we need some stats for it! : )

  2. that thing looks pretty dangerous! just needs to be a little longer and of course, alcohol powered.

  3. There are so many games that need this: Rifts, Shadow Run, Gamma World, Mutant Future...

  4. @JB
    you are indeed correct.

    @ze bulette
    alcohol, pfft. It's electric and so runs off of unlimited and clean :) fusion power.

    On hit you are grabbed! roll d6 for location 1-4 arms and legs, 5 body, 6 neck/head. Next round location grabbed is, "vrrggggghhhh", sawed off/through.

  5. ""vrrggggghhhh", sawed off/through. "
    Excellent! Consider this swiped! : )


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