Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Links

[Throughout the week when I find something that piques my particular interests but I don't have time to say much, or don't have much to say I'll add link to to one of these Sunday Link posts.]

RL Two handed sword effect on pigfaced orc carcasses -- If you click on just one link on this page make it be this one!

Excellent advice about introducing new players from a newish player/DM -- Fresh eyes have unique perspective crusty old grognards lack.

The Miniature Market store comes recommended by another blogger.

Excellent article on silver standard --

Great archive of D&D, AD&D, 3.5D&D, Alternity, Roleaids products with pictures. See what all that old stuff looks like.  Includes awesome titles such as Festung im Grensland and La Nuit des Profondeurs!

Skills --

Ultimate Conan blog by the ultimate Conan fan --

"The Brothers Grimm join the Judges Guild." --

Sometimes secrets are fun / produce tension, sometimes knowing is fun / produces tension a good DM does not limit themselves to one or the other.

Some cross link love, but even without that Age of Fable is a wonderful resource of over 300! systems neutral tables --

Makin your own minis, such as a Beer Ooze --

Kindles and .pdfs can suck it. --

The latest goings on of interest to classic style gamers are reported by Jame's in his weekly OSR News from The Underdark Gazette.

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