Thursday, May 20, 2010

We'd Just Been Absolutely Out Roleplayed

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I recall a group almost ten years ago where "THAT GUY" was a relatively new player to our group and we'd agreed the game was going to be about mid-high fantasy ND heroics - So he shows up with this drunken old man lout of a fighter. Meanwhile were all playing young kind of weeaboo anime hero types.
We tolerated him and how often he'd talk about how drunk, smelly. and generally obnoxious his character was. He would use metagame knowledge to make fun of our characters in character, laughing at us when we'd get knocked out, calling us cowards when we failed our fear checks, and the OM would take pity on us and just kind of give us "let it slide" looks and let us take rerolls.
We'd bitch about it between sessions and we sort of grew to hate the guy as a player: His character would go onto long diatribes about dungeons and gold and how useless we were and we'd get into hour long arguments where the OM would constantly have to remind us all to "keep it IC " Anyway this campaign goes on for at least a year, and the storyline is kind of climaxing and a OMNPC gets kidnapped, so after another argument session we get convinced by THAT GUY" to take a suicide mission and storm a castle, and he s basically yelling at us IRL we have to do it.
So when we agree, he leaves the room with the OM for a few minutes. and we assume this s all some metaplot how his going to fuck us over and steal our shit. They come back in as if nothing had happened. Session continues but we're all on guard. assuming something is up. We storm the castle or whatever, and have a lot of fun, not really noticing that this guy has stopped being so obnoxious. He hasn't once mentioned how his character reeks of whiskey or onions or whatever, though he wastes a good five minutes explaining how his character shaved his beard. Whatever. we just assume the OM talked to him about how it was annoying us. Epic battles ensue and Fast forward to face off with the BBEG. some Lich thing and the fight isnt going so well.
We're getting spanked. our Cleric is down. and Mr. Fighter has a haste and out of nowhere he goes. "I rush to Cedric (the Cleric) and slap him 'GET UP YOU COWARD'." At this point I groan but the OM is like "Cedric, you're back up with XX HP." Then Mr. "Fighter" goes "I turn to the Lich and I smite him." And suddenly it clicked for all of us.
Fucker had been playing a Paladin the entire time. His insults were his lay-on-hands and calling us out as cowards were his Anti-fear aura. He wasn't That Guy." 'we were "that guy" and we'd just been absolutely out roleplayed for almost a year.

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