Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tracking Durations of Effects

I hate doin it, don't remember to do it, haven't liked any of the aides (computer, cribbage board, click counter, paper, dry-erase, stones/glass beads) I've tried to make it easier.

I like the mechanic stunned, blind, ugly, etc until save is made, attempt once at start of round.  Which I believe is from 4ed.  Nothing to track, player is involved, player is "in control" of their fate, and rolling dice is fun (tm).

Lots and lots (all) of the [O|B|A]D&D resources I use measure effects in xdx units, 1d6 rounds, 3d4 weeks, etc.  It would be pain to convert into saves and doing so would alter the effects.

The solution I just thought of while reading a more or less unrelated article on The Mule Abides was, for example, convert lasts 1d6 rounds to lasts until player rolls 6 on d6.  (btw it's '6' instead of '1' cause I want to stick with "rule" roll high is always best).  I dub this max die, and it's used thusly...

stunned max6 rnds - character is stunned until player rolls a 6 at the start of their turn.

wounded 3max4 weeks - each week roll d4, must roll '4' three times before wound is healed.

I don't think I would but you can get complicated like 1max18-20 meaning must roll 18, 19, or 20 on d20.

Now I can throw and forget a (folded into "tent") 3x5 card with word stun at player which they will keep neatly in front of them as reminder until they roll "save".  I can jot down "stun max6" above hp total of monster on the scratch paper I use to track such.  Cross it out when it's saved.

I think I likes it, now just need a game to test it out during.

Oh, and I'm sort of assuming the number of time-units it takes to roll '4' has same distribution as d4 time-units.  I'll eventually write short program to prove it to myself, but can anyone who knows match verify?

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