Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top TSR Module list

Spurred by B/X Blackrazor's post here's my top 10 TSR modules in more or less order 10 to #1.


EX1 Dungeonland EX2  and the Land Beyond the Magic Mirror Gygaxian funhouse!  I've worked on/off mostly off on a module along these lines based on Gulliver's Travel.  Never ran these, don't think I could do them justice.

X1 The Isle of Dread The Expert Rules.  So, this is wilderness awesomeness. The beginning of Mystara, my favorite (TSR) settings and my favorite continental map style.  Setting up trade company to plunder the exotic creatures and wealth of the island.  Great times.

G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief Learned me what a steading was.  Contents of giant pouch opened my eyes to random charts.  Overall a great this "is a location / sandbox", set players loose on it. G123 is my second favorite series.

UK2 Sentinel UK3 and Gauntlet The British Invasion! I like the setup and unique items driving plot.  The way it handled "mass combat" is exactly how it should be handled in an RPG.  The 1/2 orc illusionist was one of the first enemy NPC's that struck a chord with me and become more than just a "bunch of stats for players to defeat".  That cover art and my perchance for illusionists probably helped.

T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil megadungeon, multiple ways to achieve goals, all the RP in both towns and with the various factions withing the dungeon it self.  Lareth the Beautiful next NPC to inspire me. My first multi-session nemesis.  Narcissistic E(H)P, can never get enough of them. Also an awesome video game adaptation despite what all the haters claim.

U1 Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh So well put together and ready for novice GM, that was me!, to run.  Don't remember much, just remember this being one of the first low-level modules I "knew what to do with".  Others I had were more location based with little explanation of how to play.  Never got to run U2 and U3, I'm sure they are equally as great.

S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks First module I had with pictures to show players, color ones even.  Cover is black and Otusey and awesome.  The "figure out tech" charts.  The "weird" tech devices taught me how to hide/fool players from using meta knowledge.  Robots, tech, aliens (mind-flayer aliens!), vegi-pygmies,  did I mention robots?  Never had high enough level players to ever run it :(

I flippin love that cover.

B2 Keep on the Borderlands I actually never ran this until very recently. It is so darn fun.

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