Monday, May 24, 2010

Twelve Things Found at the End of the Rainbow

  1. A Leprechaun. Faced with violence/threats it and its pot of gold disappears. To win its treasure* characters need to solve (and survive) a riddle and/or trick.
  2. Nothing, but on the way there was opportunity to jump off onto the Moon.
  3. Xanadu.
  4. Temple of Heimdall.
  5. The god Heimdall (or Greek Iris, etc) guarding the entrance to Asgard.  To pass (or return) he demands task/quest be completed.
  6. Hysterically upset Leprechaun who has just lost his pot of gold.
  7. Cloud Giant's castle, whose sally port is slightly ajar.
  8. Green dragon examining a pot of gold after having just ate a Leprechaun.
  9. A Curdle** of Leprechauns lay waiting in ambush.  Were did you think they get their gold from, eh?
  10. Loki disguised as Heimdall. Attempts to trick travelers into doing a "quest for the gods".
  11. Greed Demon disguised as Leprechaun. Offers various "pacts" in trade for a pot of gold.
  12. Darkside of the Rainbow. A gray, color/life draining, evil place.
  13. (bonus item) Cake!

* The Leprechaun's biggest trick of all is that its "treasure" is not a pot of gold.

** "Curdle" being the proper collective noun for a group of Leprechauns.


  1. Don't forget zombie field hands!
    : )

  2. Just watched Xanadu a few nights ago. Not as weird as The Wiz, but cheesy fun just the same.

  3. Some excellent ideas in there! :D


  4. Here I go several years without reading the word "sally port" except perhaps in the 1E D&D DMG. Just last week I found myself reading the Wikipedia article on sally ports. And now you've used the phrase here.

    I can't tell if I didn't encounter it elsewhere during that time, or if I encounter it often but only noticed after reading the article.

  5. 14. Login to chatroulette, and that's what the PCs find.

  6. @Flip
    Dude, I'm an evil bastard DM. But, that, that's just wrong.

    Gonna have to find me "The Wiz"


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