Friday, February 3, 2012

Law Giver of Mitra

:Requirements: Human
:Primes: WIS
:Max Level: 12
:Hit Die: d6 (+1 after level 9)
:Combat: Good To Hit Progression, Any Armor, Any Shield
:Saves: as Cleric

Law Givers with 13+ WIS earn 25% XP bonus.  They must have a WIS of 16+ to earn 50% XP bonus.

Law Givers are clerics of Mitra (aka Athena, Minerva, Tyr, Ra-Maat) goddess of law, justice, war, and civilization.  Mitra defends the helpless and protects the weak.  In return she demands strict adherence to her Law.  Law Givers are free agents empowered to bring The Law to both believers and non-believers.  There is great enmity between the followers of Mitra and the followers of Set.

"Divine Prayers"
  Clerical slot progression, no memorization, on demand. Litanies at 1/2 highest level slot +1.

"Shield of Faith"
  20% per level magic resistance vs arcane, divine, faerie magic.  100% at 5th level.  Only applies when direct target of spell, not spell effect.  Idea from Supplement VI The Majestic Wilderlands.

"Favored of the Gods"
  2x multiplier for Divine Intervention.

"Turn Undead"
  Turn undead as Cleric of same level.

Utilizes various house rules. Feel free to replace 25/50% XP bonus with more standard 5/10%.  Good to hit progression is what Clerics get. I don't require Clerics to memorize spells. But, there is possibility (DM's whim / omnipotent knowledge of god) "prayer" goes unanswered.  Litanies are divine version of ritual casting (10min + 10gp/lvl).  Divine Intervention is last ditch appeal to gods d100 <= character level.

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