Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When Demons Owe You

Short followup to the Death Birthsign.

When characters make sacrifices to demons, elder gods, etc.  They gain "favor" (also called "juice" by those in the know).  This favor can be called on when character needs a boon from beyond the pale.  Powerful boons that hopefully tempt the character into committing further acts of depravity that eventually will doom their soul.  Although, that's not something that needs to be revealed to the player right away ;)

Boring mechanics that should be fluffed up with whatever flavor suits.

How Much Juice?
Mundane animals and the like are worth 0 juice to demons.  Same with faries and others without souls, or whose souls reincarnate before the demons can get a tentacle round them.

Sentients, magical beings, holy animals, on the other hand are very tasty.  Worth Level/HD squared juice. Twice that for god's chosen (priests, paladins, seraphs, etc.)  A 9th lvl Paladin of Light -> a whopping 162 juice!

What is Juice Good For?
The default is to call for a "boon", aka wish.  Which is granted at a cost of 100 juice if supplicant has that much.  Otherwise, only granted on a d100 roll less than or equal to juice. Regardless of roll, juice is set to 0.

But, I'm open to whatever deal the player thinks they can finagle from the demon.  For instance if demon doesn't have particular interest in seeing character fail they'd probably give a save re-roll for 10 juice.

What do Demons do with Juice?
The enjoy it spread on whitest bread they can afford.  Of course.

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