Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hackmaster Basic Pics

Ran a few sessions of Hackmaster Basic.  Made great use of all the Heroscape terrain I spent previous year buying off of ebay.  And the Alea colored magnetic bases I spent too much money on.  Each character / creature got 3 of the same color.  One for under the mini, one on HP track to track hit points, and one on the initiative track. Which is great way to keep track of HMB's "continuous" initiative system.

Ambush while on patrol in the woods.  Also note the "continuous initiative" track at bottom and hit point track on left.

Kill, kill, kill the PC's.

Can our intrepid militiamen defend the river ford. Turns out sadly, yes they can.

Basic Training!

Always worth including shot of guy picking his nose.

So booooored, can we get on with the killing and mayhem!

Haha, orc got pushed back into water (cool HMB rule, btw) and is now being washed downstream.

Btw I like HMB and some of it's ideas.  But, as a whole there's too much tracking of stuff I don't have any time to "be awesome DM".

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