Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Barrowmaze Complete


Dean of the Dead, King of Chaos, Megadungeon Maestro, Greg Gillespie has created an Indiegogo for Barrowmaze Complete. Includes Barrowmaze I (awesome), Barrowmaze II (more awesome), new content (village of Helix, mo barrow mounds, and more), new art (including Erol Otus color cover), professional layout (I've had no complaints with BMI or BMII, but I always dig sidebars "commentary by me in the outside margins to help facilitate play for referees").

So, totally rad right? But wait, there's more! Custom Barrowmaze Other World Miniatures! Box set

Boxset Baby!
 2 Tomb Robbers
 2 Sapphire Skeletons
 2 Fossil Skeletons
 2 Juju Zombies
 2 Sons of Gaxx
 1 Ravenous Zombie
 1 Crypt Thing
 1 Crypt Knight
 1 Mummy Lord
 1 Barrow Harpy
 1 Barrow Guardian

With more added as stretch goals.

Barrowmaze Complete & Otherworld Miniatures

I've personally run Barrowmaze I&II as part of my Gold and Glory campaign. It is extremely cool. Full of flavor and interesting mechanics. The whole layout of mounds and "horizontal" megadungeon is refreshing and well executed. The dungeon's "story", big-bad(s) and factions are all compelling and get me excited for players to discover them. It's written for Labyrinth Lord (Basic D&D) but I had no trouble running it under Swords & Wizardry (OD&D).

If you only buy one megadungeon this spring, get Barrowmaze Complete!

I survived BM and all my Referee gave me was this +0 shield

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