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Psychic Sorcery

Blood & Bone is name I'm giving to Dark Sun like campaign I'll be running using old school rules. I'm using the great name "Psychic Sorcery" and rules from "Under the Dying Sun" by Mathew Slephin (I think).

Latent Psychics

Many people have psychic potential. While sychic Sorcerers spend years honing their psychic abilities. Other characters may spontaneously awaken a latent power. Every level (including 1st) roll 2d6 plus Intelligence, Charisma, and Wisdom modifiers and 1/2 character level. On an 11 or higher roll for a random power.

The player may select the level of the power gained. But they must have at least one power of each lower level and can only know powers with a level less than or equal to 1/2 their character level rounded up. Example; if you want a 3rd level power you must have at least one 1st and one 2nd level power and be 5th level or higher.

Manifesting Powers

To manifest a power roll 2d6 + modifiers >= 11. If snake eyes is rolled, make a saving throw or take power's level as a wound. If modified roll is less than 14, gain 1 Fatigue. After roll, may sacrifice hit points 1 for 1 to increase roll and force successful manifestation. Sacrificing HP always gains 1 fatigue

Psychic fatigue only affects manifesting powers and is eliminated after a comfortable night's rest.

========== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== =========================
Character  Power Level
Level      1    2    3    4    5    6    Other Modifiers
========== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== =========================
1st        0                             +3 Psychic Sorcerers
2nd        +1                            +/- Intelligence Modifier
3rd        +2   0                        +/- Wisdom Modifier
4th        +3   +1                       +/- Charisma Modifier
5th        +4   +2   0                   - Accumulated Fatigue
6th        +5   +3   +1                  - Total Wounds
7th        +6   +4   +2   0
8th        +7   +5   +3   +1
9th        +8   +6   +4   +2   0
10th       +9   +7   +5   +3   +1
11th       +9   +8   +6   +4   +2   0
12th       +9   +9   +7   +5   +3   +1
========== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== =========================

Unless otherwise noted; powers target the manifester, have a range of sight, and allow the target a saving throw to resist or mitigate effects.

Level One Psychic Powers

  1. After Images: Briefly and subtly confuse the target’s senses. Used to distract, break concentration, etc.
  2. Body Equilibrium: Adjust body density limiting damage from falling and allowing safe travel over water, silt, etc.
  3. Detect Psychic Activity: Manifester perceives all psychic effects, powers, items and creatures within 60 feet.
  4. Dowsing: Presence and relative quantity of water, if any within 100 feet/level.
  5. Empathy: Perceive and subtly manipulate emotional state of target creature.
  6. Mind over Body: Suppress need for water, food, sleep for 1 day/level.
  7. Mind Thrust: d6 damage per two levels to one target. Save negates.
  8. Precognition: Act as if you rolled 1 for Surprise or re-roll failed “reflex” save or gain +4 AC vs one attack. Can be manifested instantly in response to “threat”.
  9. Psychokinetic Push: Shove anything within sight with force equal to Intelligence + 1/2 level “strength”.
  10. Psychometry: Sense powerful psychic “imprints” (such as death) in an item or area.
  11. Sensory Enhancement: Gain exceptional senses for 10min/level.
  12. Sensual Obscurement: Distort target’s senses for 10min/level. Sight is blurry, hearing poor.

Level Two Psychic Powers

  1. Alter Self: Cause 1 target/level to perceive you as anyone or thing of approximately the same height and shape.
  2. Cellular Adjustment: Heal single wound equal to or less than your level. Self only.
  3. Domination: Overt and total control over target’s physical actions for 1 round/level.
  4. Empty Mind: Foils all attempts at detection and thought-reading for 1 hour/level, ends if psychic power used.
  5. Hypnosis: Cause one or more sentient creatures that comprehend your language to follow suggestion.
  6. Inertial Armor: Increase your Armor Class by 4 and you are immune to normal projectiles.
  7. Levitation: Rise or lower self 10 feet per round for 1 round/level.
  8. Occultation: Remove yourself from the sensory perceptions of other creatures. You are effectively invisible, odorless and silent for 1 round/level. Overt action ends effect.
  9. Psychic Blast: Target is stunned and unable to act for d4 rounds. If saved, is -2 to all actions for same duration.
  10. Sense Life: Perceive location and “strength” of life within 100 feet/level. Can fight blind, never caught unawares. 10 min/level.
  11. Suspended Animation: Enter death like state for up to 2 days/level. Death by poison, disease, bleeding out is postponed. Food, water, and air are not required during suspension and Healing is at double rate. When Dropped may attempt to subconsciously manifest this power once.
  12. Thought Reading: “Hear” the active thoughts of one target creature at a time.

Level Three Psychic Powers

  1. Aura Alteration: Return target’s psychic aura to correct state. Removing a curse, domination, charm, feeblemind or similar effect.
  2. Body Control: Withstand pain and environmental extremes, cold, heat, etc.
  3. Clairvoyance: See from any spot, even through barriers, within 100 feet/level for 1 round/level.
  4. Emotional Aura: As Empathy but affects all targets within large area.
  5. Enervation: Slows target and reduces their Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution by 1 point per 2 levels.
  6. Hallucination: For 1 round/level target perceives whatever psychic wishes.
  7. Molecular Agitation: Causes small amount of material to rapidly heat up to extremely high temperature. No save. Heating lasts 1 round/level.
  8. Neural Erasure: Remove a memory from target’s mind.
  9. Spatial Warp: Warp space between current location and another spot within sight. For a micro-second, manifester inhabits both places before arriving at the chosen spot.
  10. Telekinesis: Lift, move, manipulate at a distance with “strength” equal to Intelligence + 1/2 level.

Level Four Psychic Powers

  1. Fear: Trigger primordial fears of all creatures in cone 240 feet long and 120 feet wide.
  2. Mass Domination: as Domination but affecting all targets within sight.
  3. Mind Bar: Blocks all mind-altering effects (charms, illusions, many powers) for 10 min/level.
  4. Mnemnonic Illusion: Alter target’s memory to implant or alter one event.
  5. Sever Mind: Target’s sentient reasoning is isolated within brain. Body is left with barest of animal instincts.
  6. Telepathy: Perfect and rapid mental communication for 1 round/level with one target.

Level Five Psychic Powers

  1. Alteration: Physically change body size, form and composition to nearly any other, garments and equipment are altered to conform to new body shape assumed.
  2. Energy Control: Immunity to all “energy” damage. With a successful save you may redirect energy to one target. Can be manifested instantly in response to attack.
  3. Group Telepathy: Perfect and rapid mental communication with all previously “attuned” targets.
  4. Mental Projection: Consciousness is freed from the body and can roam about the world at will for 1 round/level. Intangible, invisible, moves at speed of thought.
  5. Teleport: To any known location without error.
  6. Shockwave: Concussive wave emanates from you dealing d6/level damage and knocking creatures prone.

Level Six Psychic Powers

  1. Heart Stop: Suppress target’s autonomic function causing death.
  2. Mass Hallucination: As Hallucination for all targets in sight.
  3. Molecular Disintegration: Single target is vaporized.
  4. Molecular Rearrangement: Alter properties of material.
  5. Omnipresence: Perceive everything (see, hear, smell, thoughts, magic, powers, radiation, etc) within 100 feet.
  6. Telepathic Projection: Transfer your consciousness to another body. Body’s existing consciousness is suppressed.

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