Friday, January 24, 2014

& Magazine Free Old School Magazine

"& is published four times a year and is part of the & Publishing Group. The magazine’s tagline, “Filling in the Gaps for Old School Gamers,” summarizes the mission of the periodical: to feature fan-driven content for older editions of AD&D (primarily first edition) including fiction, editorials, and a variety of game aids such as new monsters, spells, and character classes; rules variants; adventure maps; and original adventures."

I've not had chance to read one in detail. Glancing over the 90 pages of issue 7 it looks good. Nice layout, maps, art, pics, tables, and content. Yeah!

Seven themed issues of old school goodness:
Issue #1: Low Level Adventuring
Issue #2: Undead
Issue #3: Nautical Adventures
Issue #4: Classes & Guilds
Issue #5: Magic and Magic Items
Issue #6: Wilderness Adventures
Issue #7: Inner Planes

Plus a few adventures and supplements. Check it all out on the & Download Page.

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