Friday, January 3, 2014

Realistic Falling Damage

DCC post on realistic falling damage.

First thought, realism smealism. Doing dice progression (esp in DCC with its special d5, d7 etc dice) is more FUN! Fall 10 feet d4, 20 feet d4+d5, 30 feet d4+d5+d6, ...

Second thought, realistic? Fall 20-30ft, you are incapacitated. Fall more than 40ft, you are dead. But fantasy games, even deadly gritty ones, aren't realistic. They are fun.

Third thought. For deadly, old-school games; If d6 roll is less than distance fallen divided by 10 (round up) you are dead. Otherwise make a save, success you are fine, failure you are incapacitated. Incapacitated in my book means 1hp and can't move faster than crawl.

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