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Defiler Spells

Blood & Bone is name I'm giving to Dark Sun like campaign I'll be running using old school rules.

Defilers are the wizards of Blood and Bone. Their magic is fueled by "life essense". After millenea of wanton over use and abuse the world is an arid wasteland. Read more Defiler Magic Post. I've adapted (mostly just name) Swords and Wizardry, OD&D retro-clone, so spells descriptions are vague one-liners. But using any edition's Magic User's spells would work as well.

Level 1

  1. Darkest Night: Inky blackness blocks all caster’s (including darkvision) but vision in 15 foot radius for next hour.
  2. Detect Invisibility: I can see you! Lasts one hour.
  3. Detect Magic: Caster perceives magical effects, spells, items and creatures within 60 feet.
  4. Enslave: A human sized or smaller biped becomes the unwilling, if temporary, slave of the caster.
  5. Heart Seeker: 1 missile per 2 levels unerringly strike their targets for 1d4+1 points of damage each. Casting time is 1 segment per missile. Instant.
  6. Mass Coma: Places a number of creatures into a deep, deathlike sleep lasting d4 hours.
  7. Protection from Evil: Caster and all within 10 feet gain +1 AC and +1 Saves vs “evil” for an hour.
  8. Pyrotechnics: Produce fireworks, billowing smoke, and other effects from fire source.
  9. Read Languages: Makes plain to the caster all written words in one document, inscription or the like.
  10. Seal Portal: Door, box or the like is magically held shut for 2d6*10 minutes.
  11. Shield: Caster has +6AC vs ranged and +4AC vs melee attacks for 10min/level.
  12. Sunlight: Conjures 60-ft. radius of mobile, bright light for 1 hour.

Level 2

  1. Curse Water: Water in one pool, well, or set of waterskins turns to dust when it is drunk.
  2. Drake’s Eye: Caster may see clearly in complete darkness, through smoke, etc. for a day.
  3. Knock: Opens all doors and portals within 60 feet.
  4. Locate Object: For a few minutes know the exact direction to described object.
  5. Magic Face: Specify event that will trigger a magical face to appear. Caster may see, hear and speak through the face.
  6. Mirage: Conjures d4 mirages of the caster that are as likely to be targeted as the caster.
  7. Phantasmal Force: Creates an illusion that seems realistic to all who view it.
  8. Strength: Target gains 2d4 points of Strength (19 max).
  9. Tar pit: Sticky tar soaked strands criss-cross 20 ft by 20 ft area.
  10. Transparency: Target becomes invisible to sight, even darkvision. Any hostile action dispels the illusion.
  11. Wizard Lock: Permanent Seal Portal.
  12. Worm’s Breath: Caster and friends can breathe toxic gases, water, and in sand, silt or earth.

Level 3

  1. Breach Solitude : Caster is aware of all sentient creatures within 60’ and may concentrate to read a single subject’s thoughts.
  2. Caked in Dust: Opponents act and move at half speed.
  3. Dispel Magic: End magical spells and effects.
  4. Explosive Runes: Trap written words with nasty 4d6 fiery explosion.
  5. Fireball: Large sphere of burnination, 1d6/level damage.
  6. Fly: Fast and far for 10/min level.
  7. Haste: Caster and friends move and attack at double speed.
  8. Protection from Normal Missiles: Caster is immune to non-magical missiles for next two hours.
  9. Scrying: Hear and see from any known location or any spot within 60 feet, even through barriers.
  10. Seizing Sands: Targeted humanoids or animals are mentally paralyzed. Caster may select 1 target (saves at -2) or up to d4+1 targets (normal save).
  11. Storm’s Wrath: Lighting bolt! d6/level damage 10x60 feet.
  12. Summoning: Summons “monsters” who attack the caster’s enemies.

Level 4

  1. Alter Self: An illusion makes caster appear as anything he can imagine.
  2. Dimension Door: Teleport up to 360 feet. Instant.
  3. Enslave Monster: As Enslave but works on any creature!
  4. Fear: All within cone 240 feet long, 120 feet wide flee for their lives.
  5. Freezing Bulwark: Conjures a barrier of freezing cold that blocks sight and inflicts cold damage to all who approach.
  6. Haze of Confusion: Affected creatures act randomly for a couple of hours.
  7. Ill Growth: Plants in 300 square foot area grow thorns and bloated flowers dripping caustic nectar and generally render area unhealthy and impassible.
  8. Magma Tunnel: Create passage through any wall, door or other obstruction.
  9. Sand Storm: Wind whipped sand flenses flesh for 3d10 damage and causes panic in weak creatures.
  10. Shallow Grave: Buries target up to it’s neck.
  11. Wall of Fire: Conjures sheets of smoking flame which block sight and inflict fire damage to all who approach.
  12. Wizard Eye: Conjure invisible eye that flies 120 feet round, lasts 1 hour.

Level 5

  1. Animate Bones: Bones reassemble and obey casters verbal commands.
  2. Conjure Spirit: Summons angry and barely controlled Elemental Spirit.
  3. Death Cloud: Deadly green gas erupts from ground and rapidly fills area.
  4. Dripping Dissolution: Seeping water rapidly turns a large volume of stone, rock and the like into mud.
  5. Feeblemind: Target saves at -4 or becomes mental vegetable.
  6. Flaming Chariot: Conjures flying, burning chariot.
  7. Hands of the Master: The caster may lift and move objects and creatures weighing up to 20lbs/level by telekinesis.
  8. Ix Skin: Target’s skin hardens, granting armor bonus and damage reduction.
  9. Polymorph: Transmute living target into another type of creature. Their minds and body may not survive the transformation.
  10. Seize Monsters: As Seizing Sands but all types of creatures may be held.
  11. Steal Body: Caster’s conscious moves into and takes control over another’s body.
  12. Teleport: A swirl of dust and sand envelopes caster and transports them to any visualized location.

Level 6

  1. Anti-Magic Shell: Conjures spherical sphere that blocks all magic.
  2. Control Tides: Raises, lowers, or parts bodies of water or silt.
  3. Control Weather: For several miles the weather is under the complete control of the caster. It may take hours to transform clear sky into thunderous storm.
  4. Disintegrate: Beam vaporises target or large amount of inanimate material. Instant.
  5. Geas: Target is compelled to perform task.
  6. Incendiary Cloud: The very air catches fire and deals 4d6 damage/round.
  7. Invisible Stalker: Invisible assassin stalks and slays named target.
  8. Mind Blank: Foils mental detection, reading, control and psychic attacks.
  9. Petrify: Turn living creature into stone.
  10. Sand Pit: Caster can raise, lower, shift and otherwise manipulate sand, silt, soil and other loose earthen materials.
  11. Swarm of Anguish: Summons swarm of agony beetles.
  12. Whirlpool of Doom: You stir the ground into a frenetic whirlpool.

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