Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday Trivia Tragedy

A question a week, answers the following week, until I get bored or forget. All questions from the 2ed AD&D Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, Monstrous Compendium Volume I, and Monstrous Compendium Volume II. Even putting aside that 2ed is one of my least favorite editions, most the questions are troll piss. Rule math minutiae. Aspects of 2ed I find too stupid to siffer. Quite a few that are common knowledge to any player these days. Mostly in regards to iconic monsters that were relatively new and unknown back in 1991.

First the answer from last week: How many eyestalks does a beholder have?  I'm reluctant to admit I was not sure of the answer, which is 10.  One central eye to neuter the MU and ten stalk eyes to waste the party.   From ODD "Supplement I Greyhawk"
BEHOLDERS: These monsters are also known as Spheres of Many Eyes, or as Eye Tyrants. The body of these creatures is a great globe of about 3' in diameter. Atop it are ten eye stalks, while in the center of the spherical body is a great eleventh eye. The body can sustain 40 points of damage, each eye stalk 10 points, and the central eye can withstand up to 20 points. The armor class of the body is 0. the eye stalks 2, and the eyes proper 7. Each eye functioning is a different manner: From 1-4 of the small eyes are able to function at one time.

The eye powers were: Charm Person Spell, Charm Monster Spell, Sleep Spell, Telekenesis, Flesh-Stone Ray, Disintegrate Ray, Fear Ray, Slow Spell, Serious Wound Spell, Death Ray, and the central eye of course is an Anti-Magic Ray.

Question (3rd lvl)

Guido and Wanda are plummeting from a cliff. How much damage will they suffer when the smash to the ground below?

So, this question has a some style and flavor. I like that. Easy question. Although I disagree with the rule, I usually resist house ruling it. For reasons I'll discuss next week.

Hint: per 10 feet fallen.


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    1. I recently read that it was originally (in the LBB) written as 1d6 per ten feet per ten feet fallen. Meaning cumulative 30ft would be 6d6=1d6+2d6+3d6. But that an editor removed one "per ten feet" thinking it was a repeat typo.


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