Monday, February 11, 2019

Specialist Retainers

Additional Specialist Retainers available in my B/X Sandbox using Judges Guild Wilderlands setting.


10 gp per reading.

Most settlements village or larger will have an astrologer. A basic reading costs 10gp gets 2d6 roll. With a “sacrifice” of 50 gp or more roll d6 + d8. A great sacrifice, 200 gp or more, earns a 2d8 roll. Outcome effects entire group and lasts until next Downtime.

Roll Outcome :
2 Monsters receive undisclosed bonuses.
3-4 Twice as many random encounters.
5-9 The omens are unclear. No effect.
10-11 Each player gets one saving throw or To-Hit re-roll.
12 Half as many random encounters.
13+ As “12” and all player saving throws are rolled using d30.

Chronicler, Venerator

d6+2 x 100 gp per month

Useful only in cities. Abstracts together several related occupations hired to raise the social status of people in the Noble, Gentlemen, and Military hierarchies. Increase character’s Social Level (JG Ready Ref Sheets p2) by one if 2d6 die roll is greater than their current Social Level.

Slanderer, Spy, Thief

d6 x 100 gp per mission.

Spies are hired to gather information about a specific person, group or area. They are also used for sabotage, rabble rousing, rumor mongering and the like. The Referee will determine the probability of success based on the scope and difficulty of mission, the details and aide provided by players. Spies may or may not be reliable, and could stab the hiring character in the back. Maybe literally!.

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