Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Wilderlands Optional House Rules

Putting together B/X Sandbox using Judges Guild Wilderlands setting, I of course have to create a setting & house rule booklet. Here are a couple rules I moved to "optional" and may drop all together. I have used versions of them before in OD&D based Planet Eris campaign. The sources include Judges Guild Read Ref Sheets (repartee and locution), Jeff Rients and quite possibly many others.

Divine Intervention

Characters may plead for Divine Intervention and may even do so when dead or unconscious. Characters of like belief should pray together and combine their levels in one roll. Different characters repeating a similar, recently ignored plea is a sure way to annoy deities. Beseeching higher powers more than once per Lunar cycle also risks incurring divine wrath.

The chance to be heard is the supplicant's level expressed as a percentage. Sacrifices relevant to the deity will improve this chance:

  • +1 for any amount of animal(s), foods, or other items sacred to diety. 
  • +1 per Hit Die of sentient creatures. 
  • +1 per 100 gp of treasure.

Deity's action upon hearing request is dependent on request and nature of deity. But, most will be something (even it's only to berate supplicant for being weak). Deities will refuse to aid non-believers. And will not directly harm any creature.

Example interventions:
  • Allow supplicant's spell to affect all faithful within sight.
  • Miracle! Effects as any spell.
  • Return life to a faithful servant.

Dueling Sermons

Clerics may verbally assault one another. Clerics who do not respond to an opposing polemic are immediately rebuked for their lack of conviction. Losing half their current Hit Points.

Each faith rolls two differently colored d6 (one "condemning" and one "extolling"). After rolling, each participant may replace a die roll with their level.

If both rolls are greater than the corresponding rolls of all other faiths, a devastating sermon has been served. All participants of other faiths must spend the next d6-1 rounds stunned as they rationalize away winner's arguments and reestablish their faith. Believers of the winning faith are inspired and get +1 on Saving Throws, To-Hit, and Damage rolls for duration of the encounter.

Otherwise, participants may "drop out" after first round having minimally defending their faith. If two or more opposing faiths remain, the theological throw down continues into the next round.

While sermonizing, participants are protected as Sanctuary spel. In addition if they take damage, the source of that damage is divinely rebuked, taking damage equal to amount dealt + d6.

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