Monday, May 31, 2010

DIY Dice

I'm a huge fan (ok obsessive collector/tinkerer) of dice. I have hoards of blank dice to use for custom purposes. But drawing on dice is hard with talent, harder still when you lack talent.

This open source dice making is bloody well best thing I've seen all month.  Using inkjet photopaper, laser printer, iron you get really, really sharp looking custom dice.

I got dice, laser printer, but I haven't owned an iron since leaving the U.S. Navy, long time ago...


  1. Those dice look really rad, and irons aren't that expensive.

  2. I hope you make really good dice from that...remember:

    With great power comes great responsibility :D

    Joking apart, some friends accused me of not having enough "commercial" mind, and not knowing to sell myself. And they are probably right did they expect me to keep for myself such an awesome idea that probably big dice companies do not want people to know?

  3. Here you have a video of a single face being made, soon there will be a full tutorial too.


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