Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Combat Sequence of Play

I congealed this from various discussions/blogs round the nets.  Meant for Labyrinth Lord or similar abstract/fast play system.  Really need to test it. Last sequence of play I thought was cool turned out like ass when used in game. (Been playing lots, but not as DM. Go Freddy Flame, 1/2ling wizard!)

Combat Round Phases:
  1. Attack, ranged weapons only
  2. Move
  3. Attack, melee or ranged weapons
  4. Cast spells and other actions

In initiative order all sides complete each phase before anyone goes onto next phase. 

Each character may act in only one phase. In other words a character can do one thing and one thing only per round.  "Thing" being move or attack or cast spell or something else such as use wand, drink potion, flip table over and use as cover, etc.

Ranged Attacks: Option to "fire" in phase 1 thus pin-cushioning the silly knights before they charge.  Or to hold fire until phase 3, a sort of "opportunity fire". Waiting to see who's threating who or what targets are left standing.

Movement: Standard move distance is 30'.  Charge, rather than provide to hit/damage bonus is an exception to "act in only one phase". Charging allows move in move phase and melee attack in same rounds attack phase.  Initiative order is preserved so if you win initiative you might be able to whack charger before their attack.

Seems fast and fluid.  Compatible with group or individual initiative.  Fewer "moving parts" and "do only one thing" should make player turns shorter and thus reduce how long each player sits waiting until it's there time to do something.  Getting things done with "we go / they go" and ability to do only one thing will require strategery.  Rather than just running up and bopping wizard on head, will have to combine initiative with encircling/chasing down spell boy.  At least I think it will be like that.  Jonesing to try this out!


  1. How long in game time are the rounds? The "do only one thing" setup would seem to suggest rounds of 6 seconds or thereabouts, rather than 1 minute.

  2. 6, 10, 4.2 seconds. Sure, something short like that. Doesn't matter to me. But, for convenience there are 10 of em per minute. [btw out of all the D&D's I believe only AD&D (2ed?) have one minute rounds.]

  3. I think Chainmail (and therefore OD&D) used 1 minute combat rounds. Not that it matters...



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