Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Austin Game Scene 2009

Austin Area FLGS's

Battleforge Games - Central, "home" of the Austin D&D Meetup.

Dragon's Lair - Central, huge! Got some of everything and lots of somethings.

Great Hall Games - Central, specializes in all the non-RP games.

Kings Hobby - Central, lots of models and wargamey stuff, used RPG books area.

Pirate Ninja - NE Pflugerville, awesome friendly place, used RPG books area.

Rogue's Gallery - North Round Rock, strip mall.

These stores also have strategy games, comics, miniatures, CCG's, and lots of fun stuff. Check them out. A google map showing their locations.

Austin Area Game Conventions

OwlCon Feb 6-9, 2009 Rice University, Houston - RPGA, LARPs, Boardgames, Miniatures, Historical Minis.

ChimaeraCon Mar 14-16, 2009 San Antonio - Boardgames, CCGs, Miniatures, The Beastmaster!

ProtoCon ?? 2009 Texas A&M - RPGA, Boardgames.

MillenniumCon Nov ??, 2009 Round Rock - RPGA, Historical Minis, Boardgames.

Meetups & Other isn't the best thing out there, but it is out there.

I started the Austin RPG Meetup. It got going fairly well, then I quit going/organizing, quit playing games, pretty much quit talking/socializing with anyone... (depression seriously suxes). I lack the energy/excitement/time to work on this meetup again. In April '09 my "organizer" subscription runs out. Maybe another local will pick it up.

With needed encouragement and assistance from Flynn I helped build momentum for the Austin D&D Meetup. Of course the "retreating into oneself period of depression" mentioned above disconnected me from this as well. Not sure of its current status, looks strong and active. I hope to find out for myself in the new year.

Pen and Paper is an online player/game registry which I've used successfully to find fellow Austin area gamers.

Euro Style Boardgames

Great Hall Games - Saturday afternoons, Fridays until midnight!

Dragon's Lair - Mondays starting 7pm.

Gives me Stone, I am the Shaffen Master!

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