Friday, December 19, 2008

Metal & RPGs

From now on I'll be using this as the theme song and baseline of cool for DMing combats. If they aren't at least as awesome as this video, then I'm doing it wrong.

"Fire, Battle, in Metal!"

Dream Evil bangs my head! Metal in general is full of inspirational fantasy flavor. Leather, spikes, black without tedious goth/WoDlings angst, cöpiöus ümlauts, dark sorcery, biting heads off of bats. Tötally made for fantasy RPG's. I don't mean sissified "epic" hero schlock. I'm talking old school delve a dungeon, meet new species, take their stuff and squander it wenching & boozing.

Yeah, so to prove my point here's a silly Metal inspired random encounter table I put together in some minutes. And I'm not even that much of a metal head, I grew up with 80's new wave and hard core punk.

What secret sources fuel your imagination?

Metal Encounter Table (1d10)
1 Ancient Warriors - 1d3 rise from the fog machine effect that constantly surrounds them.
2 The Bitch Lord - a bit obscure, but there's a whole campaign in that ass rockin song.
3 Children of the Grave - zombie 5yr olds? Hmmmm, finally get to use this combat resolution system.
4 Children of the Sabbath - what's worse than zombie rugrats? Kid Kultists is what!
5 Faries, in boots of course.
6 Mobs Rule - All your Feats and Powers and nothing to deal with 6d6x100 angry peasants, eh mr. 4ed?
7 Soul trapped in an iron golem. - Ack! Eberron already ripped off this song.
8 War Pigs - this but with bloody tusked boars. Yeah, yeah! Tell me that ain't rad.
9 Without warning a Wizard walks by. Casting his shadow, weaving his spell. Long grey cloak, twinkling bell. Never talking, just keeps walking. So fucking awesome.
10 A Force of Dragons - Just so the youngins know wtf we're talkin bout.


  1. Ha ha, that's an awesome pic for combat music! And Sabbath's "Wizard" has got to be, to me, just about the most evocative metal/fantasy song I've ever heard.

    I may have to use Dream Evil when I run Rifts or Gamma World.

  2. Yep on "Wizard".

    Glad you liked it. Esp considering your alternative view on the genre of music mos suitable for Dungeon Delving. And I'd be remiss to not mention the progenitor.

    I think "foo inspired by song" will be continuing series. Writing that article and listing to more music has given me many ideas.

  3. This encounter table rocks! Literally and figuratively. Wait, literally would mean actual rocks. In several ways figuratively then!

  4. I've just never seen an actual video of Dream Evil. I have "The Book of Heavy Metal" but I had no idea what they looked like...somehow I figured they'd


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